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"As concerning as your offer is, if it did not do the killings of us both, I would still say no."

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"Not so much angry as I am annoyed. Although I suppose if the solution was simple it wouldn’t be a problem in the first place." He sat up, having to adjust his hat over his eyes again at risk of them showing. 

"Something overly complex would be babying you. Perhaps I am worrying about this too much." He scratched at his hair, snuffing. 

"… If we were able to get you passengers on the trains again, you could purchase your own food at your leisure, correct? We could solve two problems at once."  

She mimics his actions with her own hat, trying to make a scowl but breaking into a smile at the same time. Her hat tilts back up only seconds after.

"Yes, I believe so, no?"

It was hard to say- especially with how low business was going.

"It will be much the difficult. I am not much welcomed these days. Just a mocking device."

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"Oh. No. I am always like this." He murmured, tilting his hat down a bit to get the light off his eyes. For being impure these lands sure were… sunny?

Something like that. 

"I will have to think of something else. Giving you your meals individually seems far too overbearing.." He scowled, sighing through his nose. 

"Oh." She taps her thumbs together before quickly scooting over.

"I do apologize, I get very much excited over food. It is good! I like food."

More thumb tapping until she’s decided to fiddle with her gloves- and then shifts to tapping the ground gently with her fingers.

"Are you angry?"

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This was going to be harder to manage then Ducky initially thought. Like caring for a child. 

He decides to, in the midst of his hard work being ruined, to lay back instead and just let it finish with him blissfully unaware. Gosh, he was tired. 

Everything is finished, and add-ons go back to hiding with no further use needed for them. Eris sits down the same way she usually would, but with hands on her knees.

"You seem distraught?" .-?

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"Yes." .-) Give her a moment, she has to realign bone structure by twitching around like something in a horror movie. "ALL GOOD. I am here, friend!"

Thankfully, that isn’t something that could or would bother Ducky. He waits, patiently, still looking mildly concerned as she writhed about. 

Once she completed the entire ordeal he sat, digging in his inventory for a moment and producing a pile of neatly wrapped packages in brown. He was incredibly vigilant about her getting grabby with it, intent on explaining before she chowed down. 

"Based off your previous meals with me, I have taken the time to portion out equal meals for you to take throughout the day and stay functional. Of course, I do not know how else you acquire food, so there is room for deviation— but these should tide you over on their own." The seven packages were neatly marked with times of the day, along with abbreviations to indicate what was inside. 

Several, such as the breakfast package he handed over, was marked with ‘Elsen’. 

She’s more than capable to read the ink stains on paper, but does she choose to? Not really.

She’s not the one to go grabbing at food, instead, ashen hands slithered out from open back wounds are the one to yank packages and brought back for her to pick at.

Bags are not opened, labels are note checked, she just starts eating away at the ones that smelled the best to her, always giving Ducky a wide grin afterwords. Yep. There they go, right down the same place where it all ends with a heavy belch of black smog and a loud laugh.

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Song: You Don't Love Me
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Song: Bad Boy Good Man
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I’m a bad boy – I need to dance,
       if I don’t dance no romance
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       First dance is always free.
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Squints and grins before rubbing her face all over the puppeteer’s.


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