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thementalshepard → * A gore-covered Shep brings in a wheelbarrow stacked almost comically high with dead ghouls, most of them torn and bloody* "'Ey Conductor I heard you spit lava and wanted to find out how edible these are wanna help me cook?"

"I CANNOT EAT THOSE! They make me sick."

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"I feel a draftings." .-(

Anonymous → Your mouth is pissing me off.

"I wish to inform you that my beloved brother says I may eat the rude ones." <.-)

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Anonymous → Your brother is a nerd.



"Take it back, please and the thanks."

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Anonymous → Magic anon time! You can no longer produce smoke out of your neck for the next 2-3 days.

"What does that mean? It does not sound very fun!"

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What could he possibly say to that? Why was the other yelling? His mask remained mono while your face behind the mask had twisted in many different expressions. His mouth was hung open in shock. 


"…I shall take your silence as you soaking in the informations similar to that of the wet spongies?" He tilts his head— and entire body slowly to the side, just waiting for a response.

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{I’m sorry I just}

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{>Looks up height chart 4 better accurate arts in the future

>Remembers pissedoffandontheclock is 8’ and Willie is 5’4

>Literally crotch level w/ everyone

>Mystery of his irrational anger is solved}

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