Chugga Chugga


Enoch frowns and puts his hands on his hips growing slightly bigger. “NO! SHOO YOU BIG FOOL! YOU EAT MY BROOM AND SCARE MY WORKERS!” 


Rrr…?" Head tilts for years to come. Enoch, what are you saying? Dragon does not understand. Dragon will not understand until she bibbidy boppidy boops back.

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Curious dragon noises…?



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Enoch swats the dragon on the nose. Not hard but enough to let the beast know she had done  wrong. “BAD.” 

Flinching, she’s a bit taken back, maybe perhaps, a little bit stunted by it. Then she gets pissy. REAL angry. Wings spread out enough to make herself look bigger, and her head lowers with a threatening growl. NO boops on the nose. Nose boops are bad.


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oh no why is she pouting, did he not do what she wanted him to do? he wheezes slightly again, 

" hhh, w, what is it t, that you wa, want…? " he asks, actually waiting for a reply from this huge beast 


"…!" Instead of pouting, she gets up, and gently plucks the Elsen off the ground by his collar with her teeth. A long neck extends until he’s placed on her back, and then, she lays down, and gets cozy.

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Curious dragon noises…?

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Did the dragon just give him…that look?

Oh he could read it in her eyes that she was thinking of eating him like a light snack.

The merchant grunts, swallowing thickly.

"the meat fountains are not far off… could possibly fill your sizeable gullet—-that way." he pointed eastwards.

She glances off in the direction he points towards, but then glances back. Meat is a word she recognizes, but she doesn’t seem too well versed with directions. Giving a low rumbly purr, she stands back up, and slowly waddles behind the merchant, waiting to follow.


He was confused, did this creature want him to puff out more smoke?, Alva shuffled his feet some seeing as that was the thing the creature most likely wanted him to do

he wheezed slightly, still being nervous and his system in fear he let out another puff of smoke, this time the smoke being thicker and blacker from the last one

She tries to eat the smoke coming out from him, but to no avail. It is not food. What a shame.


Pouty pout dragon sits right on her butt and lowers her head. 

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Enoch let go of the broom. Then his face went red and he flailed his fists in the air. “STUPID BEAST GET OUT OF HERE!!” 

The broom slowly gets eaten bit by bit, and swallowed thickly.

Not exactly delicious, but it’ll do for now— oooooh why is he mad. He’s VERY mad, but being the height she is, she’s not as afraid as she normally would be. 


"…?" Did he want the broom back?

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Oh dear Gods…

Leve pushed himself away from the Dragon’s snout, turning around to show his bare back to the creature.

"No backpack…see? no meat. No backpack, no service, Amigo." He turned around again, reaching with his left hand to fix his slightly crooked raccoon mask, eyes squinting at the beast.

"…where did you come from anyways?"

She only crooks her head to the side. No bag? Bags usually meant food. It was just the merchant in all his glory.

His delicious glory.

He’s probably string and chewy… she’s drooling a bit, but sits down calmly.


Enoch shakes the broom. “NO! DON’T BITE IT! SHOO!” 


Tug of war?? FUCK YEAH. She’s gonna pull back with full force.


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