Chugga Chugga
Anonymous → Oh... You got no store nearby? *Sighs* Fine, I'll just give you toys instead. *The anon opens up a portal nearby and pulls all sorts of toys from it. A rattle, a teddybear, a pacifier, an animal mobile, a squeaky toy, and even a small blanket.*

Add-ons take the items so Edgar doesn’t eat them under the stress and pressure he’s currently experiencing. The child as of now has taken a liking to playing with his coat buttons, but Edgar still wants to throw up everywhere. He’s only not doing so as he’d usually have done due to fear of spectres attacking him while he’s vulnerable.

monorail-elsen → -gives the baby a Toy Rattle-

Edgar eats it under all the stress, oops.”

Baby is not crying and but Edgar is.

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The elsen took the baby on his arms and making the little creature lay down on his arms, the professor slowly and gently began to swing his arms in order to calm them down, and also trying to make the conductor stop screaming and being so loud.

"Shooosh, I-it’s okay, it’s okay! No need to yell, pal! i’ll calm the baby down but i won’t succeed if you keep screaming! Just relax a bit——"

He released a sigh as looking down at that child, oh poor little one who has been crying his little lungs out, hopefully the cries would be gone soon, it appeared to be slowly working.

Bit by bit the baby had stopped crying, and the animal spectres deterred, looking slightly lost. Edgar had taken notice, wide eyed, staring at the Elsen like he was a god damn messiah.


Anonymous → You can go buy some from a general store nearby if there is one.


Anonymous → You got any toys for the baby? Maybe that'll help stop the crying.

Screaming slowly comes to a stop.




Loud mixture between the baby crying and Edgar crying in the distance.

Casually passing around there, Meller noticed that awfully big amount of cries near, so he slowly approached as finding the fellow and the baby in a really sad situation right there.
"H-hey… is t-there something wrong?"

A savoir among men! Just in time for animalistic spectres to start slowly floating up from the smoke mines. Edgar stops crying and shoves the baby at the Elsen and bounces one foot to the other impatiently.


And the baby is held back while Edgar frantically tries calming the child. What even is going on right now.

Loud mixture between the baby crying and Edgar crying in the distance.

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Anonymous → *Hands Conductor a baby* Just letting you know this isn't some ordinary baby. Because MAGIC ANON TIME: You're in charge of taking care of this tiny baby with a plus side! Every time the child cries it attracts all those animal looking spectres, but if you also do not have the child with you, they'll be attracted to you too! This M!A ends when the mun choses or when Edgar+Eris gets over one of their fears. Have fun!

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Anonymous → why do you have to be soo cute :3 * hugs you , then gives you food * <3


Eats the food with great joy. Ah yes, the act of being cute brings more food than actually working, sometimes…

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"Well, yeah, guess it is, depending on how you use it. You don’t really wanna know what hell is.

"Well, a beloved train?" He spoke a bit sarcastically and condescendingly. "That /is/ special!"

"MOST CERTAINLY, YES! Yes she is very special. AHA AHA!” He laughs with fingers wiggling about and hands clapping together afterwords.

"Such a beauty she is, yes. She is a WM Baldwin 4-6-0 Steam Locomotive model, with personally added cow catcher and very clean metal. A wonderful model, if I do say so myself. Very smooth running, very smooth…”


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